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Piano Recitals:

One of the goals that goes along with learning to play an instrument is also learning how to perform and share music with other people.

At my studio, students are given two different types of recital opportunities:

  • Studio Recitals: in which ALL students perform for/with other students & their families. This is a great opportunity to hear other students perform 

  • Solo Recitals (aka Mini-recitals): in which one student (or siblings) invite their friends & family to hear their solo performance. This event can either take place at my studio or at the students home. (For more info on these recitals, read this blog post.)

What are the benefits of recitals?

  • It gives the student a GOAL to work towards and motivates them to practice.

  • Overcome stage fright. Performing is great preparation for other activities that students might find themselves doing later on in life: giving presentations, public speaking, leadership roles, etc.

  • Provides greater direction to their piano study.

  • Studio recitals allow students to hear their peers perform. This is important for a few reasons: 1.) Hearing the young beginners allows older students to remember how far they've progressed since their first lesson. 2.) Hearing more advanced students perform will cause the younger students to aspire to become better pianists and understand where they're headed in their studies.

  • A great sense of accomplishment and pride! The student has worked very hard and faced their fears... and they are met with a waving applause from the smiling audience.

  • Parents enjoy hearing their child's progress!

A small "glimpse" into a Mini-recital:

The mini-recital is a really nice, intimate opportunity for students to perform a selection of their favorite pieces for their family & friends!

Here's a short video of 5-year old David performing his very first solo recital at the studio in November 2017. He had an audience of about 12 people and performed 11 songs, most of which were from memory!

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