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Using stuffed animals for preschoolers at piano lessons!

Today, Lawrence the Lion helped Aimon to start learning a new piano song!

The song is called "King of the African Drum" and it's quite a challenging song for a preschooler.

As a teacher, I really wanted to give Aimon the best chance at learning this song successfully and avoid too much frustration, so we started slowly.

The first thing we did, was to listen to the recording together. Then we used Lawrence the Lion to "ROAR!" during the long/low notes at the beginning (Aimon LOVED being the "roars"!). And then we used my hand drum to practice the tremolo part (drumming back-and-forth between 2 keys on the piano).

He loved it so much that we even started learning how to play the first part on the piano today (and he did it perfectly on the first try!).

Here's a recording of one of my other students learning this same song last year:

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