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2017 Christmas Tree Ornaments from Piano Students!

Thank you to my beautiful piano students who colored in these musical mandala ornaments!

Students chose blank (not-yet colored) ornaments from my tree at the beginning of the month and then took them home to color. It's been exciting to receive them over the past few weeks and to watch everyone hang them back on the tree. I love seeing everyone's creative choices in a medium outside of our usual piano playing.

It's been the most special Christmas tree that I've ever had! Each "snowflake" is so unique and precious to me!

Merry Christmas!

Nidhi, adult (water-colored!!!)

Kasey (age 12)

Eliana (age 7)

Nina (age 12)

Jadyn (age 9)

Amaya (age 8)

Sojourner (age 5)

David (age 6)

Hannah (age 13)

Jackson (age 5)

Lilia (age 12)

Iva (age 7)

Jadyn (age 9)

Jadyn (age 9)

Zachary (age 5)

Ms. Stacey

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