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Solo Piano Recitals for small children

Over the past year, I've had a handful of beginning piano students helping me to set a new standard for piano recitals here at the studio.

Amaya's first Solo Piano Recital

( Amaya performing her first Solo Recital)

In the past, we have always had (and will continue to have) a studio-wide Spring Recital every year, with participation open to all students. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to hear other kids (of all ages) perform and for them to share 2 or 3 pieces of their own.

I place a lot of value on the studio recital, however I've been anxious to find another means of bringing performance opportunities a little "closer to home" and giving kids a chance to perform solely for their family & friends.

Thus, we've been holding Solo Piano Recitals (aka "Mini-Recitals") which are focused on one individual student at a time!

Maya's mom taking video at her first recital

(Maya's mom recording video at her recital. Parents are so proud of their kids!)

Here's how they work & what's so great about them:

  • The student and parents are free to invite their family & friends to the studio on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

  • We choose anywhere from 8-12 pieces for the student to perform (some are performed "by memory" and some not).

  • For small kids, the performance itself only lasts 10-15 minutes.

  • Parents provide some light refreshments and, after the performance, we celebrate!

  • Performing in front of family & friends is more intimate than studio-wide recitals.

  • It is a great accomplishment for a student to have ~10 pieces learned "at performance level" at one time!

  • Performing for family & friends allows students to gain an "identity" as a piano player. This often leads to more motivated students!

  • When the time comes for the studio-wide recital, it will feel much easier because the student only has to prepare 2 or 3 songs (and not 10)!

(Lucas performing one of his favorite pieces "Rainforest Mystery.")

David holding up his recital program with pride! He did it!

(Here's David holding up his recital program with pride. He did it!!)

(Eliana receives the applause at the end of her performance! Brava!)

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