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Equipment & Materials:

In order to create a successful learning environment at home, having the proper equipment & materials is of vital importance. 

A Piano at Home

Families should acquire the best acoustic piano that they can afford--and keep it tuned. I am more than willing to help enrolled families choose an instrument. Believe it or not, the same amount of money can buy a very fine or extremely poor instrument.

A digital piano is acceptable for the first year of piano study only (after one year, the student will need to upgrade to a real instrument).

Adjustable Piano Bench

Learning proper piano technique, requires that the student be seated at the correct height at the piano. This is of utmost importance. Most piano benches are made for adults and are way too low for children to play with any semblance of the technique that we learn during our lessons together.

A few options:

Adjustable Artist Bench: Ebony | Walnut

Adjustable Duet Size Bench: Ebony | Walnut

Pedal Extender

Contrary to some teachers, my students begin using the pedal within the first few weeks of taking lessons. Because of this, it is important for small children to have a pedal extender to practice with at home.  (It varies depending on the height of the child, but generally students younger than 10 years old will need one.)  


Not only does this device allow children to press the pedal with ease (and without corrupting their posture), but it also gives their feet a firm place to rest--even when not using the pedal.

A few options:

Wood Adjustable Pedal Extender: Ebony | Walnut


I often keep a stock of lesson books/sheet music on hand for students to purchase directly from me. If I'm out of stock or want you to purchase a book that I don't have extra copies of, I will provide you with links to buy the appropriate materials.

For young students, lesson book prices start at $40 and generally last for 6-12 months.

I also have a stock of music bags (for toting books to/from lessons, etc.) available for purchase at $8/bag.

Piano Stores:

if you are looking to purchase a piano for yourself or your child, I am more than willing to accompany your family to a piano store and help you figure out what you need (within your given price range, of course). Please do not hesitate to ask me for help when choosing an instrument.

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