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New to the studio?


The piano studio of Stacey McDonald offers private piano lessons to children and teenagers in the West Philadelphia/University City neighborhood. All lessons take place in my home studio (I do not travel) on my beautiful 1962 Baldwin grand piano.

A Focus on Children:

My studio specializes in teaching one-on-one piano lessons to children between the ages of 5-18.

My goal is to nurture and empower kids to be confident & well-rounded in their music-making and to encourage independent thinkers, not only in music but in life. I believe in creating a supportive environment with honest, yet positive, criticism and feedback.


Students are encouraged to EXPLORE and CREATE at the piano. Each child is nurtured in a way that helps them to find their own, individual musical voice and expression.

What we do:

Although our private lessons are highly individualized to fit each students' needs, all students in my studio will learn:

  • how to read music

  • how to play by ear

  • improvisation & guided exploration

  • proper piano technique

  • music theory

  • aural & rhythmic skills


Students in my studio learn both how to read music and to play by ear. These skills are taught and developed concurrently from their very first lesson. I like to emphasize improvisation, as well, as it helps develop creativity and a more exploratory approach to making music. Proper piano technique is absolutely fundamental to our lessons, as well as music theory, which helps to create confident & agile pianists. 

The most important part of my job is getting to know my students and finding the right music that will help them thrive & stay motivated. With one-on-one instruction, I believe that it's important to meet a student "where they're at" and to guide their learning by building on their natural strengths while also working through weak areas together with patience and dedication.

Students learn the focus and dedication that are essential to making music. These skills are taught in a manner that also allows children to enjoy the process and stay engaged.


I specialize in teaching classical repertoire, popular, lead sheets, some jazz, sacred and contemporary. As a musician, teacher and human being, I believe in being well-rounded and open to new things!

Group Lessons/Recitals:


Once or twice a year, we hold Group Lessons in which children of similar age & musical level come together to practice performing for each other. We also use this time to have a theory or history lesson, work on improvisation together or play musical games.


At the end of each school year, all of my students (and their families!) gather together for a formal recital at a local church or performance space.

All students are welcomed & highly encouraged to hold private recitals throughout the year either in their home or at my studio.

Tuition rates:

For current tuition rates, please refer to the Studio Policies.

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