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2017 Fall Piano Lessons!

We're kicking off the new school year with some fun lesson teaching tools!

Believe it or not, these stuffed animals are super useful teaching tools for young students who are currently working through Piano Safari materials. They're here to help teach proper piano technique!

Our Piano Punch Cards are a great incentive for students to "master" their lesson pieces. Every time that a student masters a piece of music, they get a hole punch on their Piano Punch Card!

To master a piece of music means that the student can play their song confidently with correct notes, rhythms, without pauses, and are using the appropriate technique. In order to master a song, a lot of at-home practice needs to take place at home during the week.

There are 28 keys on the Punch Card, which means that once a student fills up their card with punches, they have mastered 28 songs. That's a lot of songs!

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